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Hosting SQLite databases on Github Pages

(or any static file hoster)

I was writing a tiny website to display statistics of how much sponsored content a Youtube creator has over time when I noticed that I often write a small tool as a website that queries some data from a database and then displays it in a graph, a table, or similar. But if you want to use a »

An overview of typed SQL libraries for TypeScript

Using relational databases in a typed language is a pain unless you have great libraries to support you. There’s a lot of different libraries for TypeScript, but they all have their own advantages and flaws. Since it’s hard to find anything other than TypeORM, this is a short list of the »

SQLite performance tuning

Scaling SQLite databases to many concurrent readers and multiple gigabytes while maintaining 100k SELECTs per second

SQLite is an embedded SQL database. It’s extremely easy to setup, buildable as a single C file with libraries existing for basically all common programming languages. It doesn’t need any server setup or configuration since the SQL logic is run in the host process, and the database consists of only »

Automatic citation extraction from URLs

pandoc-url2cite[1] allows you to instantly and transparently cite most papers directly given only a single URL. You simply add a URL of a publication, and it will replace that with a real citation in whatever CSL[2] style you want. This means you can avoid dealing with Mendeley[3] or Zotero[4] and »

rga: ripgrep, but also search in PDFs, E-Books, Office documents, zip, tar.gz, etc.

rga is a line-oriented search tool that allows you to look for a regex in a multitude of file types. rga wraps the awesome ripgrep and enables it to search in pdf, docx, sqlite, jpg, zip, tar.*, movie subtitles (mkv, mp4), etc. github repo fearless concurrencyExamplesPDFs Say you have a »

Creating a blog

Hello World! I finally decided to make a blog to put my ramblings and projects. After some deliberation I settled on using next.js, so I can use React+TypeScript, don’t need a server and the website is accessible without JS enabled. The content is written as markdown, though I’m adding some neat »